Groups & Packages

Groups & Packages

Do you want to book a table or are planning an event? Take contact to our sales office by phone or e-mail!

Bank’s gorgeus environment combined with a relaxed atmosphere and warm service creates the perfect conditions for a variety of events.

In case your group needs a little bit of privacy, you can also private book one of our cabinets. Kurtenia, the main hall, is suitable 30-50 people and the smaller cabinets for 12 or 16 people. A cabinet is a perfect choice to arrange a business lunch, dinners, meetings, seminars, karonkkas, family parties or even a wedding!

You will find our redy made menus below. Select one of these for your group, and email us your order.

Special diets and allergies will naturally be noticed separately.

Group menus

 Choose just one menu for your group.
The minimum size of a group is 8 (no limit during lunch hours)

White fish, sourmilk, dill and roe

Petit Tender, almond potatoes, brown butter and Negro Amaro

Almond pastry, apple and vanilla ice cream

47.00 €

Funnel chanterelle soup

Choose the main course in advance from the following:

Arctic char, Västerbotten cheese and seabuckthornberry


Lamb, emmer wheat and cabbage

Lingonberry, granola and salted caramel

43.00 €

Pumpkin, sprouts and herb emulsion

Corn chicken, red wine and onion

Almond pastry, apple and vanilla ice cream

38.00 €

Beetroot, goat cheese and nuts (Vegan version is possible)

Funnel chantarell, bean pasta and cabbage

Blackcurrant sorbet and lemon meringue

35.00 €

Salmon pastrami on arcipelago bread, topped with sprout´s and crayfish

Pork shank over almond potatoes and cabbage with Marsala sauce

Ganache with Valrhon chocolad and honey, blackcurrant mousse and cacao-granola crumble
Chocolate-fudge cake with orange and berrys´s

3 x 45.00 €

Viinipaketti - Wine package 3 x 23 €


Juustot – Ostar - Cheese + 5.00 €

4 x Viinipaketti - Vinpaket - Wine package 30.00 €